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Notice révisée le 25/04/2012

Une veille scientifique sur l’ensemble des recherches et projets en agriculture urbaine dans le monde. Cette veille scientifique animée par plusieurs chercheurs sera jumeler à l’édition de billets “blogues” par les veilleurs. Cette veille se crée à partir de la catégorie agriculture urbaine de la veille Urbanité/Viabilité (

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  • > Urban allotment gardens in the city in crisis. Insights from Sevilla, Spain (J.Pourias)

    This short report reflects upon a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) conducted as part of the COST action TU1201 “Urban Allotment Gardens in European Cities - Future, Challenges and Lessons Learned” at the University Pablo de Olavide in Sevilla, Spain, between April 7 and June 3, 2015.


  • > Recycling urban waste as possible use for rooftop vegetable garden (Grard et al 2015)

    In 2012, a pilot experiment was run in Paris (France). Simple and cheap systems of rooftop gardening were tested on a rooftop using as crop substrates only local urban organic waste so as to contribute to the urban metabolism. Production levels...

  • > Zero-Acreage Farming in the City of Berlin: An Aggregated Stakeholder Perspective on Potential Benefits and Challenges (Specht et al. 2015)

    How can buildings be combined with agricultural production and what are the major potential benefits and challenges for the introduction of zero-acreage farming (ZFarming) in Berlin from the relevant stakeholders’ perspectives? These questions were explored through a series of interviews and stakeholder workshops held between 2011 and 2013.


  • > How does your garden grow? An empirical evaluation of the costs and potential of urban gardening (CoDyre et al. 2014)

    Interesting conclusions from this Canadian studies: "(1) there is impressive potential when only the most productive [gardens] are considered as an illustration of what could be produced; (2) as it is currently practiced, only a fraction of pot...

  • > Assessments on Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture | START

    "Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) faces significant pressures from rapid urban expansion and related stresses. START and UNEP recently partnered with several organizations to undertake a nine-city assessment of UPA in Africa and Asia. The...

  • > Managing change and building resilience: A multi-stressor analysis of urban and peri-urban agriculture in Africa and Asia

    "Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) is increasingly being promoted as a multi-focal strategy for enhancing urban food security and advancing climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts in cities. The extent to which this potential can be realized is circumscribed by access to adequate land and water resources, the degree of recognition of UPA within the urban policy domain, and the ability of producers to effectively navigate the myriad risks associated with food production in urban ...

  • > L’expérience agricole des citadins dans les jardins collectifs urbains : le cas de Montpellier (P. Scheromm)

    Les jardins collectifs se multiplient aujourd’hui dans les villes occidentales. À Montpellier, leur essor est lié à la demande des citadins et soutenu par la municipalité. Quarante entretiens semi-directifs ont permis d’identifier les motivations des jardiniers, leurs pratiques agronomiques et leur conception du jardinage et de l’agriculture. Dans ces jardins collectifs, lieux aux fonctions plurielles, une reconnexion des citadins avec l’agriculture s’opère, même si l’objectif de production a...

  • > Growing Food Connections

    "Nearly 50 million Americans are considered food insecure according to the United States Department of Agriculture. While many Americans are struggling to gain access to healthful, affordable and culturally acceptable foods, many farmers and ranchers are struggling to remain viable.  With this project, we hope to transform these challenges into opportunities for food producers and communities. We intend to identify innovations in local and regional public policy that strengthen community food...

  • > Urban agriculture: long-term strategy or impossible dream? (T. Angotti)

    Proponents of urban agriculture have identified its potential to improve health and the environment but in New York City and other densely developed and populated urban areas, it faces huge challenges because of the shortage of space, cost of l...

  • > Agriculture urbaine et enjeux de santé

    L'agriculture urbaine a le vent en poupe, souvent au nom d'une participation au reverdissement de la ville, de la recréation de liens,entre les urbains et la production agricole et alimentaire, voire entre lesurbains eux-mêmes. Mais l'agriculture urbaine comporte, aussi des enjeux de santé importants, qui plaident pour un aménagement urbainfavorisant le maintien ou l'installation de cette agriculture dans desconditions environnementales saines.